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Ketchikan area Artists and Creatives have been inspiring the communities of this area since the beginning. Whether it is beautifully engineered and created halibut hooks, or the magnificent totem poles of the area, to the stories, poetry and drawings for the inception of the Alaska Magazine, to the creation and evolution of Wearable Art in Alaska artists continue to make the world we live in meaningful and joyful.

Gigglefeet Dance Festival - Call to Dancers

Monday, July 15, 2024

The 2024 Gigglefeet Dance Festival
Sunday, August 4th, 7pm, Kayhi Auditorium

What is the Gigglefeet Dance Festival?

The Gigglefeet Dance Festival is a community celebration of dance co-sponsored by the First City Players, Ketchikan Theatre Ballet, and Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council.

The mission of the Festival is to:

Strengthen the dance community.
Provide performance opportunities for both emerging and established dancers, choreographers, and technical theater personnel in the greater Ketchikan area.
Provide a venue for the works of adult dancers and choreographers.
Provide a supportive environment for a diversity of dance forms, including works that are provocative and challenging.
Encourage participation and appreciation of dance, for artists and audiences alike, by presenting a broad variety of dance forms.
The Gigglefeet Dance Festival takes place on the Sunday of the Blueberry Arts Festival, which always takes place the first weekend in August.

The deadline to apply to participate in the Gigglefeet Dance Festival is Monday, July 15th! Registrations forms include rehearsal dates and times, and the Travel and Costume Grant application. The deadline to apply for a Travel or Costume Grant is Monday, July 8th!!!!

Participate in the Blueberry Arts Festival!!!!

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