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Blueberry Arts Festival

Blueberry Arts Festival Pet & Doll Parade

The Annual Blueberry Arts Festival presented by the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council kicks off the Blueberry Arts Festival with best parade in Ketchikan - the Pet & Doll Parade!!!

This parade, sponsored by Community Connections Early Learning Program, is a chance for the youngsters of Ketchikan to try their hand at creating wearable art for themselves, their dolls and their pets. (Parents are most definitely encouraged to help!!!) This is successful to varying degrees, depending on the agreeability of the pet, and sometimes the youngsters!

It is always free for families to participate in the Pet & Doll Parade and it is always joyful!!!

Line up for the parade is on the sidewalks of Main Street at the intersection of Main and Grant streets. The Parade begins at 2pm on the Friday of the Blueberry Arts Festival, and heads down the street!!! Bill Urquhart leads the way playing his bagpipes and the Ketchikan Police Department makes sure all Paraders are safe in the street! 

We conclude the Parade at the Ketchikan Fire Station on Mill Street with treats from the Ketchikan Public Library, the Ketchikan Volunteer Fire Squad and of course, Community Connections Early Learning Program - OH! and lots of water for the pets!

Blueberry Arts Festival Pet & Doll Parade - Blueberry Friday, 2pm, Starts at Main and Grant

Participate in the Blueberry Arts Festival!!!!

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