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Blueberry Arts Festival

Hand Made Human Powered Blueberry Boat Race

What started out in 2015 as a friendly tease to the Race to Alaska - the Handmade Human Powered Blueberry Boat Race has become a testament to the ingenuity and creative genius of Ketchikan's finest boat makers. From a one-person vessel made from cardboard boxes and duct tape (it sank), to a 3-person extravaganza with pedals and a sun umbrella (it sank), to a contraption made completely of wine box bladders (it almost won!), to a viking ship (it won), to a float plane for kids (it won), to a floating paper mache house that careened back and forth giving us all heart attacks (it was SUPPOSED to do that  - who knew?), to a sardine can, the Blueberry Boat Race is a sight to see.

The grueling race course begins at the Bayside Float (by the pink Federal building). Each team (you can be a team of one if that floats your boat wakawakawaka!!!) will be inspected by real, live United States Coast Guard members for the required safety measures (personal flotation device and a whistle), and of course to choose candidates for prizes in the following categories:

Most Creative
Most Likely to Sink

Don't worry, they don't tell the boat that is voted most likely to sink, that they think their boat is, well, less than buoyant.

Anyway, as the start time approaches, the participants alternately gently lower their creation into the water and gingerly get themselves in place, or they throw it in the water and jump! The race horn signals the beginning and then the participants begin to question their decision making capabilities. It's true, the first leg of the race is only 100 feet, but they have to cross the delta of Ketchikan Creek. Sometimes the tide is going out (or in), or the wind is blowing, or its a gloriously calm day and for some reason cardboard no longer seems like a clever idea...

When the racers reach Thomas Basin dock, the Evil Race Designers (that's us) have a task for them to complete before they go on to the next leg. The next leg takes them to the NOAA dock (MAYBE 50 feet), where upon they are again compelled to carry out a task before the final and most difficult leg of the race back to the Bayside dock. We're going to guess it might be 30 feet.

Prizes are festooned upon the fastest adult team and the fastest youth team. And sometimes, if someone has put in an especially heroic effort, or they're stinking cute, or some other extenuating circumstance, there might also be a Honorable Mention.

It is a great way to spend a few hours on Sunday!!!

If you and your friends, or you and your kids, or you, are interested in participating, you can find the registration form and waiver link below!!!

Questions? Call us! 907-225-2211

This event is sponsored by KPU Telecommunications.

Participate in the Blueberry Arts Festival!!!!

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