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Blueberry Arts Festival

Blueberry Slug Weigh and Race!!!

Yes Gracie - there is a Slug Race!!!

The Blueberry Arts Festival acknowledges the crucial symbiotic relationship between slugs and the rain forest environment. They're the digestion system of the forest!!!

But really, its just funny to think about slugs racing!!! And - its sometimes hard to discern who is enjoying the whole thing more, the kids or the parents! BUT the Slug Race and the Slug Weigh-In are for people ages 12 and younger.

Here's the skinny -

Go to the forest. Or your garden. Or really, just go outside. Find a slug. There are several theories behind slug selection. Some choose a giant slug to win the Slug Weigh-In. These slugs wear such monikers as "Biggo" or "Thunder Slug"...Some enter this be-knighted slug in both the Weigh-In AND the Race.

Some Slug Handlers choose two slugs. The second being sleek and with lots of slime for quick action. Those types often carry the handle of "Speedy" or "Tiny". Sometimes an occasional "Joe" or "Spot" comes along.

We advise that slugs are recruited the morning of The Big Day. Keep them well hydrated, and maybe a few blades of grass for them to munch on to sooth their race-day anxiety.

The Slug Weigh-In begins at 9:30am at the intersection of Main and Mission Streets.
Bring your slug to the weigh-in station. The judges will gather the weight of every slug presented and note it on the official Slug Board. As in all things related to slugs, this will take some time.

The biggest slugs will win fame and glory and their handler will win a prize!

The Slug Race begins at 10:30am at the intersection of Main and Mission Streets.
There are 3 Slug Race Boards set up for the first heat. Slugs must be placed on one of the Race Boards. Slug Handlers must keep a close eye on their slugs!!! When its time to start, well invariably all action stops while we wait for a slug to decide to move. It can take a while.

The final heat is a race between the three winners of the first heat.

The Fastest Slug lives on in the annuls of Ketchikan (for the day) and the winning Slug's Handler wins a prize.

No need to sign up in advance - just show up! But don't be late! We have to keep things moving because right after the slugs get finished with the tables - we have the pie eating contest! We clean the tables first.....  JUST KIDDING!!! They are different tables.


Participate in the Blueberry Arts Festival!!!!

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