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Delores & Holly Churchill

Title: Raven’s Tail Robe – woven cedar robe
Comments: Percent for Arts
Historic or Cultural Significance:
The robe had not been woven in over 200 years.  The only existing robes of this type are in the National Museum of Ireland, Museum fur Volkerbunde-Vienna, and the British Museum.  The Haida Gitalang children and parents prepared the bark, wool, and sea otter fur.
The robe represents the first inhabitants and the beautiful art that existed when Captain Cook made contact on the NW Coast of America.  The other robes in existence today were collected during Cook’s third voyage to this coast.
Created: 1995
Location: Ketchikan High School – Library
Public Space: Yes
Viewing Hours: When school open and in session
Viewing Conditions: Sign in required during school hours