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Ketchikan area Artists and Creatives have been inspiring the communities of this area since the beginning. Whether it is beautifully engineered and created halibut hooks, or the magnificent totem poles of the area, to the stories, poetry and drawings for the inception of the Alaska Magazine, to the creation and evolution of Wearable Art in Alaska artists continue to make the world we live in meaningful and joyful.

Kichxáan Héeni Canoe RFQ Submission Deadline

Thursday, August 15, 2024
5:00 pm
Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council

Artists and groups of artists are encourage to submit qualifications to be considered for a new public art piece in Ketchikan. The finished work will be representative of a canoe using any medium, suspended above the adjacent Schoenbar Trail, and must include lighting elements to not only illuminate work, but provide ambient light. The Kichxáan Héeni Canoe will represent, as it does in so many cultures, moving forward together, teamwork, transformation, and healing.

The budget for the completed and installed work is $100,000.

Participate in the Blueberry Arts Festival!!!!

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