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Ketchikan area Artists and Creatives have been inspiring the communities of this area since the beginning. Whether it is beautifully engineered and created halibut hooks, or the magnificent totem poles of the area, to the stories, poetry and drawings for the inception of the Alaska Magazine, to the creation and evolution of Wearable Art in Alaska artists continue to make the world we live in meaningful and joyful.

KAAHC Call to Artists Request for Qualifications

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

KAAHC is calling all artists for a Request for Qualifications to create work to be included in a Land Acknowledgement Kit being created by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council.

Deadline to submit qualifications is January 31, 2023

The Land Acknowledgment Kit will be available for groups, individuals, organizations and others to learn what a Land Acknowledgement could look like, and suggestions for respectfully developing one. Artist Janice Jackson has created a cover for the Land Acknowledgement Kit using red, black and turquoise wool felt, mother of pearl and abalone buttons and the portrayal of a bentwood box "because it holds precious knowledge and wisdom, representing the wisdom of those who came before us". She has titled her work for the cover, "The Box of Knowledge".

We are requesting qualifications of artists for four additional works of art within the Kit including

- A cedar or spruce root woven piece
- A Ravenstail or Chilkat weaving
- A beaded piece
- A 2D piece (drawing/painting/digital/pen & ink, mixed media or other 2D genre)

Please click below to see more information and submission details.

The Positive Impact of the Arts Sector in Ketchikan

  • Impact of the Arts Sector in Ketchikan

    5,700,000 million annually

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