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The Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council has been serving the Ketchikan area for over fifty years. The membership based organization supports creatives and culture bearers, advocates for the arts, humanities, and culture of our area, and looks for collaborations with other nonprofits, municipalities, and businesses to make our community stronger.

We are getting so excited for our Week of Wearable!!! April 15th - 18th! We are kicking off the events with a screening of "Mixed Up" the 35th Annual Wearable Art Show FILM at the Gross Alaska Coliseum Theater, Thursday at 9:30 pm!!! Tickets are $25. Check out this amazing sizzle using Wearable art from past years! Thank you to KPU TV and all the Wearable Artists for making this one amazing mixed-up year!!! Don't forget to vote for the theme for next year's Wearable Art Show! VOTE HERE