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2020 Artist Registration Application

Welcome Artists! It is not too late to be included in the 2020 Winter Arts BLITZ Artist Directory!!!

Our part is to promote what you are doing and when as it changes throughout the month so please be thorough and if you add an event let us know and we will update the information quickly. We can't be the one-stop site for all local artisans without your help! 

Your part is to provide good images and email me with any changes!

This is a new application. If you have any questions please give me a call!

Thank You!

Katy Posey 225-2211

example: (Top Knot Soaps and Salves)
example; (Native Alaskan devils club salves, moccasins, & copper jewelry)
I will have an in-person booth
example: (Cape Fox, Makers Market)
I will sell art online
example: (My Etsy store topknotsoaps)
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you must upload at least 1 and and no more than 4 images
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Artist Statement:

A brief description of your art and process, a story that answers the questions related to your art as a viewer is looking at it. An artist's statement is as important as an artist's work. Think of it as your substitute when you are not present to answer questions related to your art. Art is subjective. People will look at your craft and evaluate it. So, it helps if you communicate your story to the viewer. Viewers often have questions about the art they are looking at. An effective artist statement answers those questions while you are not there.


I will have fun and enjoy the spirit of the event!!! I will update the Arts Council on any changes so they can update the website quickly!


We require all Winter Arts Faire Blitz participants to hold the minimum membership level of Artist to participate in the WAF Blitz. This is an annual fee of $50. It does not renew automatically and can expire. If you do not know if you are a member, please call Jeff at (907) 225-2211, and he will let you know!

The KAAHC's membership benefits for an Artist Level are...

  • Access to free services such as this.
  • A discount of $25 if you choose to be a Merry Merchant!
  • Pre-order Blueberry Festival T-shirts in advance of public sale! 
  • Personal invitation to all Main Street Gallery Opening Receptions!
  • Invitation to the annual meeting and voting rights!
  • Membership recognition in all KAAHC event programs!
  • The ability to purchase Wearable Art Show tickets on September 10th. Over two months before the General Public!!
  • A $75 discount on the Booth Fee for the Blueberry Arts Festival (based on criteria)
  • Eligibility for a Winter Arts Faire Booth (based on criteria)
  • Waived Entry Fees for Main Street Gallery, Open Call Exhibits ie, The Blueberry Arts Festival Art Exhibit. (up to a $75 value)
  • Waived Entry Fee for participation in the Wearable Art Show! (up to a $30 value)
  • Free grant, application, and portfolio consultation!
  • And much, much more!!!
I understand I need to have a minimum of Artist Level membership to participate in the WAF.

Hit the Submit Button to Make your Payment and complete the application process!!!!

Please note Paypal is requiring you click a box that says you are not a robot then you must hit refresh to take you to the payment page!  Thank you!!!!

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