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Youth Wearable

Welcome to the Youth Wearable Art
Individual Artist Application page! Applications due by March 15, 2023, 5pm

Individual Youth Artists can apply to participate in the ONLINE form below or can print out the paper application and turn in the application in person or email to Find downloadable paper applications HERE! There are also paper applications available at the Main Street Gallery, 330 Main Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Teachers, Adult Artists, and Mentors Thank you so much for supporting and promoting Youth Wearable Artists in our community! Please do not underestimate the value and the impact you have in a young persons life. Thank you! Thank you! You may apply online as a group leader in the School/Group Application, or you can print out the paper application and turn in the application in person or email to Find downloadable paper applications HERE! There are also paper applications available at the Main Street Gallery, 330 Main Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Individual Artist

Online Application

The NEW YOUTH WEARABLE ART SHOW is intended for ALL youth Wearable artists and models 18 and younger! If there is a young person creating the wearable art piece, and or modeling the wearable art piece this is the place for them to shine!!! Youth Wearable submissions can have adult help with the application process, the artistic process, and or have adult models included and still be considered a Youth Wearable Art piece. The Youth Wearable Art Show provides a family friendly venue and opportunity for Youth Wearable Artists to create and perform as an individual or within a group on stage. An application is required for each entry. An entry is defined by the music. Typically a single entry can contain between 1 and 6 models. More than that and it is hard to see all the pieces. Youth Wearable is an opportunity for art teachers, school groups, science teachers, classrooms, after-school groups, scouts, and parents to encourage the youth wearable artists and young people in their lives to create art for exhibition on the stage!!! We ask that adult lead group and school submissions use the School /Group Application and should be filled out by the teacher/adult, and that each participant's parent must sign the model release form.

DEADLINE to submit your application is March 15th, 2023!!! Call with questions! 907-225-2211

Things to Know

  • Artists, models, most volunteers, emcees, the opening act, stage set, lighting front of house back of house will be all YOUTH!!!!
  • Any participants who have active Covid-19 or are showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked not to attend the event.
  • Dress rehearsal will be Friday, March 24th, 2023 This is REQUIRED. All pieces must be finished for the dress rehearsal, no matter what. 
  • The Youth Wearable Art Show will be on March 25th, 2023 at Kayhi!!! Yay!!!

Further Information:

We are really excited about the fun, creative ways you will bring the Second Annual Youth Wearable Art Show to our community. The Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council began the Wearable Art Show in 1986. It has since become one of Ketchikan’s favorite events and is copied in communities across Alaska and in Washington. The Wearable Art Show focuses on one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artwork designed to be worn by the human body. Artists of all media are invited to create functional - and not so functional - pieces of WEARABLE ART. Our hope is that participation in the Youth Wearable Art Show fosters the love and dedication to the Wearable Art Show for the future. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Images of your Wearable Art in your application help the line-up committee understand where best to place your work in the overall show. However, we reserve the right to move models within the line-up if the committee determines it would be best for the overall presentation of the event.

We are lucky to have highly efficient, creative, and insightful leadership for the development of this event in the form of the Youth Wearable Art Show Committee. This committee is possibly the best committee in the history of the universe and we are very, very lucky to benefit from their knowledge, energy, and commitment to Wearable Art!!!!

The 2023 Youth Wearable Art Show Committee includes:
Charley Murray-Young, Chair
Lucy Ortiz
Dawn Rauwolf
Nina Hobbs

Evalynn Posey

As always, we will need volunteers to help with load-in and load-out. If you know someone who is able to help, please let the Arts and Humanities Council know at

Rules of the Road!

This is an online registration form for submission to participate in the 2nd Annual Youth Wearable Art Show,Saturday,  March 25th, 2023, 7:00pm on stage at the Kayhi Auditorium. There will be a required Dress Rehearsal on Friday, March 24th, 2023 at 6:00pm on the stage at the Kayhi Auditorium. Get help from your parent or legal guardian if you are under 18. Use this application if you are working on your own or with a small group and you are the designated leader. If you are part of a large group; i.e. school or scouts please have the group leader fill out the School/Group application.

Below is a basic list of guidelines:

  • The Youth Wearable Art Show is a production of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council (KAAHC)
  • The Youth Wearable Art Show showcases youth artists and models 18 and under.
  • Artwork, should be made by hand, and designed to be worn on the human body.
  • Each Individual Artist may submit up to two entries. Entries can include up to six models!
    However because of time requirements, models may only participate in two pieces!
  • Wearable Art must be handmade from “scratch.” No ready-made costumes or street clothes will be accepted. 
  • Artists must provide their own model for all performances. Models cannot appear in more than two pieces. 
  • A photographer will document the event for the Arts and Humanities Council. It is the applicants responsibility to inform models that photos may be used in publicizing the Youth Wearable Art Show.  ALL Models will be required to sign a release form and have parental/legal guardian permission.
  • The Dress Rehearsal is mandatory for all artists and models. Models must wear the entire Youth Wearable Art piece or have it ready to show to the committee at the Dress Rehearsal. The Dress Rehearsals is Friday, March 25th, 6:00pm on the Kayhi Auditorium stage.
  • If you have ADA mobility challenges please let us know so we can make accommodations.
  • You must submit up to 3 images of your piece through this form! You can upload pictures from your phone! Take pictures of your supplies, your drawings, your color palate, a partially finished piece, or a completed piece. Have your images ready before filling out the application.
  • You get to choose the music to go with your Youth Wearable Art piece! Which is awesome because you can pick music that you like to move to, or that inspires you! Please have the title and composer ready before you fill out the application! In order to use the music for your performance you must own it. You must have your parent or legal guardian's permission to purchase music. Amazon is a great location to purchase single songs. They typically run $1.29. Once purchased the music file can be downloaded to your computer. If you want to get fancy you can edit your music. Either upload music into the application or email to KAAHC. If multiple submissions choose the same music. The musical choice will be awarded to the application that was submitted first and the other submission will be notified they need to find new music.
  • KAAHC will start the music at the beginning. We will not edit your music.
  • The music must be in an MP3 or MP4 format. If you have questions please ask.
  • KAAHC reserves the right to exclude work that is incomplete or inappropriate.
  • KAAHC reserves the right to alter the music and the lineup after the Dress Rehearsal to better serve the performance.

Important dates

March 15th, 2023, by 5 pm
Artist applications must be received - Please include Model Release Forms, Music, and images. Main Street Gallery, 330 Main Street, Ketchikan, AK   907-225-2211 info

Friday, March 24, 2023, 6pm
MANDATORY DRESS REHEARSAL, Kayhi Auditorium stage. Models are required to wear the entire Wearable Art piece and will practice showing off their piece on the stage, in the order of the performance.

March 25th, 2023, 7pm
Evening performance Kayhi Auditorium!!! Invite your friends and family to buy tickets for the performance! Tickets are $15, FREE for youth under 18, seniors, and those serving in the Military. Tickets are available HERE or you can get them at the door the evening of the performance.

We often receive requests from newspapers, magazines, and authors for publicity photos for the Youth Wearable Art Show. Publishers require proof of the model’s consent to have his/her image published. Therefore, we are asking for your permission to use photos from the 2023 Youth Wearable Art Show for future publicity requests, and for promotional efforts This includes but is not limited to the artist/model’s name, picture, portrait, photograph, or recording, including composite or altered representations, live streaming and airing on KPUTV, for the purpose of publicizing or advertising the Youth Wearable Art Show. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, which may be created in connection therewith. I approve the foregoing and waive any rights in the premises.

Parental/ Legal guardian consent:

Please Check One
Parental/Guardian Permission for Artists under 18 to participate
I have read the above and understand my child needs to attend the Mandatory Dress Rehearsal and the Evening Performance
First Name *
Last Name *

Artist Information. If more than one artist please list the main contact.

First Name *
Last Name *
Address Line 1 *
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
This is the number we will use to contact you for program information and if there are emergencies the day of the performance.
We will list the artists in the program please make sure names are spelled correctly.
Is this your first Wearable Art Show?


Model(s) Information

There is a maximum number of 6 models for each piece. If you have multiple models and you are NOT the contact, please list the leader who will contact the other models with information about dress rehearsal and performance night

All Models will turn in a Model Release form
Input "Self" if you are the artist AND the Model
If you have multiple models, please list the leader who will then contact the other models with info. Input "Self" if you are the artist AND the Model.
Again, just the leader's address, or "Self" if you are the Artist and the Model.

To minimize crowding backstage, only the models who will be on stage are allowed. Teachers are always welcome and encouraged to help their students backstage!  Any artist who needs to assist their models with intricate and/or cumbersome pieces that will not be joining them on stage as well need to let us know in advance. Please and thank you for your assistance. Models helping Models, Artists helping Artists!

Although I am not on stage I need to be back stage

Each Individual Artist may submit up to two entries. Entries can include up to six models.

Are you submitting more than one entry?
Are you using the same model(s) for both pieces?
Will your model(s) need your assisance?
I have informed my model(s) of all of the above, and he/she has consented to the use of photos, recordings, live streaming and KPU airings to be used for KAAHC publicity and archival purposes. My Models will sign a model release form.

Description of your Wearable Art piece

Will your piece fit through a door?

You must submit 3 images of your piece. The line up committee will make determinations based on the images you submit. Images can be a collage of ideas, a storyboard, a color palette, drawings, pictures of partially finished pieces, or ideally, images of the finished piece. This part of the application is required and incredibly helpful in saving time later, and in the overall presentation of the 2nd Annual Youth Wearable Art Show!

The submission form will upload your images at the end when you submit your form. The system cannot accept any single images over 2GB.

No file selected
No file selected
No file selected


You must submit your music of 2 minutes or less either through this form below or via thumb drive or e-mail to You must own the music and it must be in an MP3 or MP4 format. The entirety of your music will not exceed 2 minutes. If it is unedited the sound booth will start at the beginning and cut it at 2 min. Plan your experience on stage to be 2 min or less.

If multiple artists choose the same music, the first artist who turned in their application will be given priority for the music, all others will need to find different music. The final decision about music selection and lineup will be made by the Youth Wearable Art Show Committee, Please remember all music needs to be family friendly.

We are unable to accept late music submissions.

No file selected

Almost Done!!

If, after hitting the "Submit", you don't get to a new means you didn't fill out something in this form. Scroll up and you will see bright red commands to fill something out or to check a box. Then you should be able to move forward with your life.

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