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Consume Beer and Brats and help support the ARTS!

1st Course:
     We generally don’t brew IPAs, but this one is special. With a relatively simple grain bill, the hops and the yeast are front and center. We use a mix of juicy, tropical Michigan grown hops from Hang ‘Em High Hops and Brettanomyces bruxellensis Troi Vrai as our primary attenuator. After the three-month fermentation, we have a fruity, tropical pineapple and peach with a hint of Brett funk. It hits all the Beer Judge Certification Program specs for IPA, but it’s not your usual IPA.

Warm Pretzel w/Cheese ALASKAN AND PROUD
     A warm pretzel with cheese is the perfect way to start off Beer & Brats!!!! Mmmmm….

2nd Course:
Boss Imperial IPA (10.8%, 101 IBUs) BAWDEN STREET BREWING
     Brewed in honor of CW4 Chris Boss’ retirement after 30 years from the Coast Guard.  Made with Maris Otter pale and a touch of melanoidin, this beer is the hoppiest we’ve ever made. Citrus and pepper provide the backbone, with healthy notes of dank, earthy pine.

AP Fresh Traditional German Style Bratwurst ALASKAN AND PROUD
     Locally handmade flavorful & juicy German Style Bratwurst made from fresh ground pork sausage & seasoning, (we recommend this brat be enjoyed bunless!) paired with bacon & wine sauerkraut a la KAAHC Board member Nancy Tietje, Dijon mustard, & AP Fresh house-made German Style Potato Salad.

3rd Course:
Adze saison (10.6% abv, 55 IBUs) BAWDEN STREET BREWING
     A spin on the French saison that brings a new strain of hops, the Nelson Sauvin, to the fore. This beer was designed to remind you of a sauvignon blanc. The hints of pineapple, gooseberries, white wine, and infused grape from the hops pair well with the complicated fruity flavors of the saison yeast.

AP Fresh Cajun Bratwurst ALASKAN AND PROUD
     Locally handmade Bratwurst flavorful & juicy Bawden Street Bratwurst made from fresh ground pork sausage, seasoning, and Bawden Street Adze saison, nestled in a St. Pierre Brioche Bun, topped with apple & caraway sauerkraut, a la KAAHC Board member Nancy Tietje, & AP house-made honey-mustard.

4th Course Dessert:
Prince of Wales porter (9.8% abv, 50 IBUs) BAWDEN STREET BREWING
     Think chocolate. Two row pale, rye, chocolate rye, chocolate malt and caramel malts make this beer deep, complex and rich, with just enough hops to stand out of the amazing roasty flavors.

AP Fresh Valrhona Brownies ALASKAN AND PROUD
     These Delightful Brownies are made locally at A&P Markets and feature Valrhona Chocolate from France. Valrhona Chocolate is considered one of the world’s finest chocolates by Chocolate aficionados from all over the world.

We're offering two options to participate, in person (preferably wearing your Lederhosen...) - $45 per person, OR you can order "Take Out for Two" - $90! Take out can be picked up Saturday, October 8th, after 1pm at A&P meat department. The take out option will not offer all 4 beers, but will have one 32 oz can of each the BOSS IPA and the Prince of Wales Porter.

The in-person event is Saturday, October 8, American Legion - doors at 6:30!!!

Click below for tickets!!!!