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KCASH! Holiday Mini-Hunt!! The Ketchikan Community ARTS Scavenger Hunt Holiday Mini-Hunt is NOT your typical scavenger hunt, but it IS an outrageously fun holiday event created for the community by First City Players and the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council. Teams, families, social pods of friends, individuals, Mayors, firefighters, fisherpeople, fish, dogs, lizards – (remember this from before?) anyone can play, but you have to register for a ticket! Registration begins on November 6th and runs through Monday, November 23rd. The KCASH! Holiday Mini-Hunt begins at 12:00 noon on Friday, November 27th. You will have 36 hours to complete as many items from "The List" as you can – with the understanding that quality is more prized than quantity! Tickets are $15 for each participant who is 13 years or older. Persons who are younger than 13 may play if working with another registered person! Scholarships ARE available (AND you can donate to the scholarship fund to help people play). Where’s "The List" you ask? "The List" will drop at 12:00 noon on November 27th and only those that have registered for a ticket will be able to see it. What kind of things will you be scavenging for, you ask? There will be outside things, inside things, creative things, holiday things, generous things, kind things, difficult things, and challenging things, maybe even a few things from the last KCASH List!. Some Thing For Everyone, it’ll be FUN!!!! We promise. Trust us! (mwooo hahahaha!!!) All proceeds will be split between KAAHC and FCP.