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The Idea:

Very similar to the last KCASH! event, if you participated before that is GREAT! If not the idea is... we make teams that are between 7 and 13 people! We do not want to break up groups that would like to play together but the more people on your team the more fun it is! If there is a group that you want to be matched with you should register with the same team name. If you are a small group of 1, 2, or 3, we will match you up! All correspondence can be through zoom, email, and text, and by no means should you feel obligated to share germs. The larger group enables each person to play to their strengths, divide and conquer "The List," and meet new like-minded people. Don't forget, it's supposed to be FUN!

All proceeds will be split between the First City Players and Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council so we can continue to have fun events like these!