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1.     Video - 150 points - TEAM ROLL CALL (option 1)!   Have you seen those videos where people are safely playing catch or hacky-sack with each other or, our favorite, this?   We want to see EVERY member of your team do an activity "together," whatever sounds fun to you guys or captures the spirit of your team...   No time limit on the video!

2.     Photo - 150 points - TEAM ROLL CALL (option 2)!   It's picture day!  Show us a photo collage of EVERY TEAM MEMBER.   Give it a theme and somehow show the team members interacting with each other in their photo grid.

3.     Video or Photo (Collage ok) - 75 points - There's no pet and doll parade, but that's because they were so busy!  Show us the gala event that your pets and/or dolls were so busy with and show us how they worked that red carpet!

4.     Video - 50 points - Create an edible blueberry themed item, show us the time-lapse video of your creative process

5.     Video - 25 points - Eat a blueberry pie without using your hands.  Once consumed, use your nose to make your original artwork with the remnants

6.     Photo or Video - 100 points - Create a slug amusement park with at least one working ride.  Make sure we see a slug (and maybe friends) enjoying your park, hopefully on your ride.  NO magnifying glasses, salt, ammonia, beer, or vinegar allowed

7.     Video - 25 points - Show us your silly walk, complete with costume and pageantry

8.     Photo - 25 points - Build a house with natural materials (rocks, sticks, leaves, etc) and show us a picture of it with its inhabitant.  If its inhabitant had to run errands and is unavailable for photos, be sure to caption the photo and tell us who lives there

9.     Photo - 25 points - Go to a local beach, pick up a minimum of 5 pieces of trash (more if you see it!), create a piece of art (sculpture or picture, artist choice), take a picture, and then properly dispose of the trash

10.  Photo - 50 points - Show us a picture of you eating an UNMELTED pint of ice cream at the top of Deer Mountain.

11.  Photo or Video - 75 points - Be a part of the Ketchikan Welcoming Committee!   Take the airport ferry over to the airport and have a welcoming party for someone in, near, or outside of baggage claim (friend? visitor? a complete stranger?  whatever!).  The more creative and over-the-top, the more points.  Obviously.

12.  Photo Collage - 50 points - Did you miss being able to see a 4th of July parade this year?   Here's your chance to spread some parade joy!  Decorate your car(s?) in support of your favorite local arts organization and drive your mini-parade from Settler's Cove through downtown to Herring Cove.  Create a photo collage of your "float(s)," stops, and spectators along the way!

13.  Video - 50 points - Little Nell and Sweet William are married at last and now they're expecting!   Take them shopping for items they will need as they embark on this new adventure in life together!

14.  Photo - 50 points - Write a letter of support "To Whom It May Concern" to someone in local government about the importance of local arts non-profit organizations.   Take a photo of your signed letter, and email the final draft to or

15.  Photo (Collage ok, if applicable) - 25-100 points - Become a member, renew your membership, increase your membership, or make a donation to your favorite local arts organization (Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council, First City Players, Ketchikan Theatre Ballet, Ketchikan Community Concert Band, Ketchikan Community Chorus).  Submit picture proof that you have done so.

16.  Video - 25 points - Write a Limerick or Haiku about life in Ketchikan and perform it with aplomb in front of your favorite Ketchikan Totem pole.

17.  Video - 50 points - Write and perform a song about the travails of hiking with a rock in one's shoe while hunting for blueberries.

18.  Photo or Video - 25 points - Create a home school classroom where the adults are being taught a very important lesson

19.  Photo (Screen Shot) - 25 points - Hold a Zoom meeting with at least 3 living and breathing participants, none of which are human

20.  Video - 75 points - "Compose" a bull kelp trumpet fanfare, bull kelp flute solo, or bull kelp trumpet and bull kelp flute duet and perform it at Bugges Beach (or another local beach).  Bonus points if you're twins.

21.  Video - 50 points - Record your performance of a favorite Shakespeare monologue, share it on social media with the hashtags #KCASH and #ShakespeareChallenge, and TAG First City Players

22.  Video - 50 points - Find or create your favorite disco costume and perform a lip sync of your favorite song from the Disco era.  OBVIOUSLY choreography is required.  No worries: it doesn't HAVE to be good, but it DOES have to be on platform shoes.

23.  Photo - 50 points - Become a garden fairy and weed a friend's garden.  Bonus points if the garden is owned by an elderly person.

24.  Photo - 25 points - Create a beautiful, bountiful bouquet (materials/components are KCAHSHer's choice) and deliver it to someone who needs it!

25.  Photo - 75 points - Create a photo mosaic of local artist Dave Rubin, Borough Mayor Rodney Dial, Borough Manager Ruben Duran, or Rock Star Elvis Presley using only photos of slime mold.

26.  Photo - 100 points - Recreate Dave Rubin's sculpture "The Rock.”

27.  Photo - 50-125 points - Put together at least one gift basket (more is ok) for your Ketchikan hero.  Gift basket must include items from at least 3 locally owned small businesses.   Include your receipts in the photo (or photo collage) showing where the gifts were purchased.

28.  Photo - 25 points - Design a new rain gauge

29.  Photo - 50 points - Create a tribute to Ketchikan using the hair growing out of your head (facial hair ok, too).

30.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 50 points - Write and perform a short skit about a day in the life of a salmon.

31.  Photo or Video - 25 points - Pay-It-Forward: Go to your favorite local coffee purveyor and purchase the coffee for the person behind you in line

32.  Photo - 75 points - Show us your favorite Ketchikan star

33.  Photo - 75 points - About 4 years ago, Ketchikan's Tongass Historical Museum did an exhibit called "Then & Now" where they displayed the results when community members were urged to recreate historic photos in a modern way.   Let's see your "Now" Ketchikan photo and then how you think it will be recreated in 100 years!

34.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 75 points - Bob Ross is a master painter and a fabulous, kind, and talented teacher.  Let him teach you how to paint and then show us a time-lapse video of you painting with Bob Ross.  Make sure your video begins with Bob Ross's painting and ends with yours!

35.  Photo - 75 points - A LOT of rolls of toilet paper disappeared from the shelves over the past several months.   Show us a sculpture of the mythical creature that stole all the toilet paper (which is why everyone bought all the toilet paper, obviously) made completely out of empty toilet paper (and paper towel) rolls.  Glue and maybe paint are the only other materials allowed in your sculpture.  Your mythical creature can be a mythical creature the world has already heard of, or one never discovered before…like an ursapus (half bear, half-octopus).  But you can’t use that, because we just did.

36.  Video - 50 points - We want to see the evolution of a slug.  Show us, with your very own stop-motion film!

37.  Video - 25 points - You've written the dissertation and now all you need to do in order to get your PhD in Berry-Dental Studies is defend your thesis.   Show us the video of you defending your dissertation conclusively proving why blueberries stain your teeth and raspberries don't. In 30 seconds or less, of course.

38.  Photo - 25 points - A raindrop.

39.  Photo - 50 points - What makes you happy?  Paint it on your car

40.  Photo - 50 points - Families that tattoo together stays together.  Let's see your family tattoo on every member of your family. (Obviously, we don't want to get needles involved in this)

41.  Photo - 25 points - Show us as many shades of green as they appear outside your window in one picture.

42.  Video - 25 points - Show us you using thank you in Sm’algya̲x, Xaad kil, and Tlingit, (you must use all three) in your every-day life.

43.  Photo - 50 points - Create your own constellation by connecting the Ketchikan stars—may the forecast be ever in your favor!

44.  Video: 90 seconds or less - 50 points - Show us a time-lapse video of you making pancit, lumpia, or chicken adobo

45.  Video - 50 points - Climb the Elliott Street, Edmond Street, and Front Street stairs.  Time-lapse the video if you're slow like us.

46.  Photo - 25 points - Go to KAAHC's website ( and vote for your favorite entry in the Online Beard and Mustache contest

47.  Video - 50 points - Create your own obstacle course and put a blueberry through the paces

48.  Photo - 50 points - Recreate DaVinci's Mona Lisa, Munch's The Scream, Van Gogh's self-portrait, or any Ray Troll piece with ANYTHING but paint on canvas.

49.  Photo or Video - 25 points - Give an artist a flower, document their response

50.  Video - 50 points - Did you know there are original poems on display throughout Ketchikan?  Find one and perform it there

51.  Photo - 75 points - Find the sculpture on Dude Mountain and show us a picture of you honoring it

52.  Photo - 50 points - Disguise your boat as the Black Brailer and post your Kurt Von Ohlson in the bow (with or without his kidnapped Little Nell)

53.  Photo - 25 points - Prove definitively that your smile can be seen while wearing a mask

54.  Photo - 75 points - In the Victorian era, they understood and respected the sanctity of facial hair and even designed mustache teacups to protect these important talismans.  Show us the device you have invented to protect the sacred facial hair.

55.  Photo - 75 points - Deck yourself out in your Blueberry Regalia (new duds available at KAAHC, but vintage Blueberry Festival is awesome) and participate in the Virtual Blueberry Fun Run, sponsored by the Ketchikan Running and Walking Club

56.  Photo - 75 points - Find an old stock painting at a thrift store or garage sale, or just pull that ugly painting from the guest bathroom that nobody loves and you got from and give it an update: maybe aliens landed on that farm, or there's actually a Kraken in that ocean, or that's not a farmer, that's a cyborg! get the idea.  Before and after pictures, please!

57.  Photo - 50 points - Using a GPS running app (ex: RunKeeper, Strava, Nike+, Runtastic, etc), create GPS picture of a creature, real or fictional

58.  Video - 75 points - Let’s see a time-lapse video of your self-inflicted quarantine haircut.  (Feel free to get it fixed by a professional stylist afterwards, but we don’t care to see that part)

59.  Photo - 25 points - Show us the “fruit” of your garden sliced in enough pieces for everyone on your team

60.  Photo - 125 points - Work with a “young friend” to redecorate and paint a wall in your house.  This item must be entirely child-led and their idea.  (This item is not for the faint of heart.)

61.  Video - 75 points - Paddle around Pennock

62.  Photo - 50 points - Change the name of a play or musical by one letter and create a poster for that newly named show with one new song.  Guys & Rolls featuring that classic song about sourdough, Adelaide’s Ferment, anyone?

63.  Video: 3 minutes or less - 100 points - Recreate your favorite 80s or 90s, music video, frame for frame.

64.  Photo or Video - 50 points - Ding Dong Ditch a fabulous gift for someone who needs it

65.  Photo - 25 points - Let’s see your cat in a hat

66.  Photo - 25 points - Join the Facebook group Ketchikan Random Acts of Art.  Paint a rock or create another original piece and hide it with a note with it telling the finder to post and tag the group once found.

67.  Photo - 25 points - Create a poster for your imaginary rock band’s debut concert

68.  Video - 50 points - Practice or perform your instrument of choice in nature

69.  Photo - 25 points - Take a picture of or with your favorite “Captain Jack”

70.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 50 points - Choreograph and perform an interpretive dance demonstrating the ten major cloud forms, complete with costumes

71.  Video - 50 points - You’ve heard of The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, we want to hear The Grounding of the Rio Bravo - video

72.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 75 points - Write and perform a rap about your favorite historical figure (aside from Alexander Hamilton, he's old news)

73.  Photo - 50 points - Create a narwhal, a kingfisher, or the bypass bunny out of popcorn and sacrifice him or her to feed the wildlife (NOT BEARS.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR POPCORN ANIMAL WHERE IT WILL ATTRACT BEARS TO YOUR HOME)

74.  Photo - 75 points - We’re sure you’ve seen the squirrel picnic tables, but that is so passé.   Show us your Mos Eisley Cantina for hummingbirds

75.  Video - 50 points - It’s Christmas in July!  For ONE day of the hunt, anyway.  Let’s see you Christmas Caroling at your neighbor’s house!  Must have time & date stamp, this ain’t Christmas in August people, that’s just ridiculous

76.  Video - 100 points - Create an underwater sculpture using only what you find underwater.  Time-lapse video.

77.  Photo - 50 points - Show us your Black Sand(s?) sandcastle complete with turrets, flags, and drawbridges.

78.  Video - 75 points - Artists cover classic song favorites all the time.  We want to encourage you to stretch those musical artist muscles and re-do your favorite song, but entirely change the genre—the more extreme, the better!

79.  Photo or Video - 25 points - People have driving gloves, riding boots, and fishing pants—show us you shopping at your local grocery store wearing your craziest self-made shopping hat with pride!

80.  Photo - 100 points - Create your own expedition in the style of Ruth Jackson's Dude Mountain expedition.

81.  Video - 100 points - Show us a video montage of you helping an elder with a carpentry project, set to a Carpenters soundtrack.

82.  Photo - 125 points - Paint with light—we want to see your best light painting!

83.  Video - 50 points - "Burma Shave" your favorite poem or a message of kindness, and record how an unsuspecting driver would experience it

84.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 50 points - Choreograph a Tinikling dance.

85.  Photo - 25 points - Give us your best idea for an item for our next KCASH hunt…

86.  Photo - 75 points - Declare yourself Dump Royalty and show us your full regalia, obviously made from objects in your realm

87.  Photo - 50 points - Recreate your favorite monument using toothpicks, marshmallows, and/or raisins

88.  Photo - 50 points - Show us the Rorschach test picture that PROVES you were meant to win KCASH

89.  Video (Time-lapse) - 75 points - Create a Plein air piece with your eyes closed

90.  Photo or Video - 100 points - Why are you a better person for having lived in Ketchikan?

91.  Photo - 25 points - Show us your socially distanced human pyramid (ALL team members must participate)

92.  Photo - 25 points - We’ll never believe who you saw in your Cheetos!  That’s why you took this picture!

93.  Photo - 100 points - Create a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women red hand portrait and share on your social media platform of choice.w  ith why you think it's important to bring awareness to this cause and get 10 people to share/repost/retweet. Screenshot your portrait with a post showing the number of shares/reposts/retweets.  Please only do this item if you feel you can do so in a respectful and honorable way.

94.  Photo - 25 points - Share or highlight an animal that is available for adoption from the shelter or local Humane Society.   Bonus points for being able to visit that animal in person!  Submit a screenshot of you trying to help that animal get adopted on Social Media.

95.  Photo - 25 points - Submit photo evidence that you registered to vote or helped someone register to vote!

96.  Photo - 25 points - Find a Ketchikan Public Library Story Jar and follow the instructions.

97.  Video - 75 points - Climb a Ketchikan mountain and show us your best Julie Andrews impression—whether the hills are alive, there's a lonely goatherd, or your climbing every mountain...LET'S SEE IT!

98.  Photo - 75 points - Make a care package for the homeless shelter and donate it.  Ideas to include are a toothbrush, haircut coupon, Socks, deodorant...   Or you can contact Path or First City Homeless and see what is needed. Take a picture of the box’s contents and the location sent.

99.  Video - 75 points - Explain how a purse seine works using items from your pantry.

100. Photo - 75 points - Using your artist skills or photoshop, alter a classic artwork, and show how it would be different in times of COVID.

The following items are meant to be done with our youngest KCASHers. If you don’t have young KCASHers on your team, you are absolutely welcome to do these items yourself.

101. Photo - 20 points - Organize your bookshelf in 2 different ways, but one must be by ROYGBIV color order.

102. Photo or Video - 15 points - Show us how to give a socially distanced hug.

103. Photo or Video - 20 points - Make a list of 5 things you want to do or accomplish before you become a teenager, and cross one off the list if you can!

104. Photo - 15 points - Go for a nature walk and find the most beautiful flower in all of Ketchikan

105. Photo - 10 points - What's the shiniest thing in all of Ketchikan?

106. Photo - 20 points - Using removable/washable sidewalk chalk, graffiti a section of sidewalk downtown with messages of kindness and beauty

107. Photo - 20 points - Make or bake something in the kitchen with your grandparent and then share and enjoy it together!

108. Video - 15 points - Choose 3 slugs and have your own slug race.

109. Photo - 10 points - Make a fruit salad and share it with a member of your social circle: make sure you ask an adult to help with any cutting!

110. Photo - 5 points - Take a picture of the most beautiful button you've ever seen!

111. Photo - 15 points - Using shaving cream and corn starch, make your own snow and then build a snowman!  Make sure you dress him properly and give them a name!

112. Photo or Video - 5 points - Show us EVERY LAYER of an everlasting gobstopper

113. Photo or Video - 10 points - Using a bar of Ivory Soap and microwave (and some adult supervision), make a soap monster sculpture!  (Adults: this ONLY works with Ivory brand bar soap!!)

114. Photo - 5 points - Find the darkest, dirtiest penny you've ever seen, then experiment to see what can clean it and make it pretty & shiny again!  Is it lemon juice? Ketchup?  Mayonnaise?  Taco sauce?  Vinegar?  Mustard?

115. Video - 10 points - Design and create the PERFECT paper airplane and send it on a flight of 20 seconds or more

116. Photo or Video - 20 points - Create the perfect parachute that will keep a raw egg safe when you drop it from at least 15 feet in the air.

117. Video - 20 points - Tell us what that boring kitchen gadget is REALLY for: explain how you use it to fight crime or save the world—or whatever it does!

118. Photo - 10 points - Write a letter to a Senior in your life and let them know that although you cannot visit them, you love them and are thinking of them

119. Photo - 10 points - Create a colorful card for a resident of Long Term Care or the Pioneer Home.  Show us that it was mailed or delivered!

120. Photo - 7 points - Ice Cream for Breakfast.  YAS!!  You're welcome.

121. Photo - 10 points - Paint a watercolor picture...using skittles!

122. Photo - 5 points - Go Beachcombing and take a picture of the three best treasures you find

123. Photo or Video - 20 points - Dress up as a superhero and take over one of the chores in your house

124. Photo - 10 points - Create your own rainbow using light and...water?  Glass?  Crystal?   See what makes the prettiest rainbow and take a picture!

125. Photo or Video - 20 points - You know that one silly part of your house where you feel like you're being watched because everything has eyes—GOOGLY EYES to be precise?  Take a picture and show us!