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(get some coffee, sit down, let the cat get settled on your lap, this is a long one...)

What is KCASH?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Of course you would, that’s why you’re here.  And it’s a good question that deserves an answer, so we won’t keep the secret any longer…  KCASH is an acronym which stands for Ketchikan Community Arts Scavenger Hunt. (Please note that the K and the C are two separate words with two separate sounds, so if you’re going to pronounce it as a word, make sure you give them both the emphasis they need.  We have chosen “Kuh-CASH” with the accent on the second syllable, but ultimately how you say it is up to you.)   Why arts?  Because this scavenger hunt is being put on by [what we hope are] a couple of your favorite arts organizations in Ketchikan: First City Players, hereupon known as FCP, and the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council, henceforth known as KAAHC.   How you pronounce either of those acronyms is completely up to you, no suggestions given.

But more to the point – this hunt is meant to encourage and entice the people of Ketchikan to show off their creativity, share their sense of humor, support local businesses and non-profits, care for mankind, and have fun doing silly things to make our world a better place.  We won’t be hiding items for teams to find; rather, we’ll be providing tasks for you to do; some will be an opportunity to create, some will be an opportunity to be active, and some will be an opportunity to show support.

And while the experience in and of itself will create memories of a hilarious adventure that you share with your team, we’re even putting together some prizes for the team that earns the most points doing these hilarious, artistic, and kind items during the hunt!


We don’t know about you, but we miss the art and fun and hustle and bustle that happens in this town.  Since early March, we haven’t been able to gather and it’s been difficult to stretch those creative muscles.  And now that summer is here and the town is decidedly quieter than it has been for the past bajillion years, we decided the community needs something to do that will fill the voids created by Coronavirus.

BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, we wanted to do something that could be done safely within whatever health & safety mandates are in place or may arise between now and the start of the hunt, Friday,  July 31st at 6:00 am.  This scavenger hunt is meant to be able to be done while maintaining proper social distancing as well as staying within your chosen social circles.  You may wind up on a team with people on the other side of the island, but that doesn’t mean you have to get together for a big puppy-pile cuddle-party—communication with your team about who is completing what tasks can be done without ever meeting face-to-face.  Work together…from a distance…and stay safe!

How does it work?

All you need is a camera (or smart phone!), access to the Internet, and a desire to make trouble for the fun of it with an amazing team of equally weird & wonderful people like you.

First off, registration opens on Monday, July 6th at 5 pm and closes Monday, July 27th at 5 pm. You’ll need to register to get a ticket! You need a ticket to play! Go to to get your ticket.  When you register you'll have an opportunity to make a team with a Team name.  Teams are comprised of either 7 or 13 people. You can join someone else’s team, or play a weird lottery by letting us put you on a random team.  All teams will be in groups of 7 or 13, so we may combine smaller groups with other individuals or small groups of perfect strangers to make a regulation-sized group, but fear not!  This may be how you may make your brand new best friend!

Once you have your team, and possibly even before, you’ll need to read MEEE, which is the Maxims, Edicts, Ethics, & Etiquette for the hunt.  Seriously: READ MEEE!

On the first day of KCASH, we will post a list of weird, wild, and kind tasks for teams to divide amongst their members. There are some items that you need to find, and others that you must create.  Accordingly, a team can be comprised of individuals who love to get out there and mix it up in the world as well as those that are more comfortable in their own house creating items.

When you complete the items, you’ll upload the results (images or videos) on our website for points.  Each item will be assigned a possible total point value.  The point values will differ based on an item’s difficulty or complexity.  After KCASH ends on the final day, our judges will go through all of the submissions and award points based on the ingenuity and creativity used and shown in the final submission.  Judges may add bonus points for extra awesomeness or deduct points for lacking the joie de vivre spirit of the hunt or for not being completed correctly. This could take a while, depending on how many teams and how many items, so don’t expect to learn who the winning team is right away!

Who can play?


Literally. Anyone.

Registration is required for individuals age 13 and older, but the hunt is for anyone and everyone.  If you have little friends who are 12 or younger that want to play, they will need to partner with a registered adult and play together, or at the very least, they will need an adult to register and then submit items on their behalf.  Some items are geared for younger scavengers and hunters, but again, this is meant to be done as a team, so they will need older hunters to help them complete items and, of course, submit them for judgment.

What if I don’t live in Ketchikan, can I still join a team and play?

Far be it from us to deny your right to have fun while raising money for KAAHC and FCP!   But keep in mind that this was conceived as a something for Ketchikan residents and the community as a whole, so while there are MANY items that you’ll be able to complete from wherever you choose, there will be some location-specific items that you may not be able to do from Bangkok, New Dehli, London, or Charleston AND unless specifically mentioned in the KCASH item, Photoshop is NOT allowed, but creativity is highly encouraged…!   So join us and join in on the fun!

What does it cost?

The cost to register is $20 per person age 13 and older.  All proceeds will be split between FCP and KAAHC and go towards keeping these organizations running during this time where they can’t do all the things they normally do!

A limited number of scholarships will be available.  There will be more information available about this soon, but both organizations have a core belief that cost and money matters should never be a reason for someone not to participate.  You want to play but current circumstances translate to not being able to fork over the money to do so?  We got choo, boo. 

On the flip side of that coin, if you would like to donate to the scholarship fund to allow other individuals and families to join in on the fun, let us know!   All donations are gratefully and happily accepted!  You can even earn KCASH points for donating—just call KAAHC at 907-225-2211!

How is a winner determined?

The team with the most points will be crowned the ULTIMATE WINNER OF ALL TIME—until the next time.  There will be over 100 items on the list, but the winner will be the team who was the most creative or artistic or generous or kind—NOT necessarily the team who completed the most items (remember: quality over quantity!  Hang on to this very friendly and helpful advice!).  We don’t want anyone to do every item on the list—in fact, we’re hoping that it’s impossible to do so.  We want you to find the items on the list that match your strengths and what you like and then do those REALLY WELL.  If you’re not a painter, we don’t expect you to recreate the Mona Lisa (or maybe we do, but definitely not with oil paints on canvas).  But if you like performing, or if you’re passionate about making sure the environment is taken care of, or your heart is in giving back to the community…well, there’s probably something PERFECTLY geared for you—so do those items, and do them WELL.