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  • Cameo McRoberts

    My name is Cameo McRoberts and I am an artist. I make art by cutting up books, magazines maps, and scraps and find new stories form them to tell. Collage is about making decisions, with composition, texture, color, patterns, and space. It is a way for me to express my creativity, irreverent humor, and appreciation for creative work that might otherwise be lost between the pages of discarded books. Collage is about destruction and renewal, a torn page becomes the weight and color of the paper and the pattern of text. A collection of images can be deconstructed, then reassembled to create new perspectives and ideas.

    ‘Taken out of Context’ is the culmination of collected images shapes and textures. Sometimes literal, sometimes ethereal, emotional, even precious, or silly. Thank you to the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council for encouraging artists to trust their vision and create freely.