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"KCASH! an Exhibit Like No Other" November 6th -25th, 2020

The In-Person exhibit is CLOSED to the public due to our community's increased risk level to the spread of COVID- 19! However please sit back and enjoy the Online Main Street Gallery beginning November 6th. Below you will see all of the submissions that First City Players and the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council chose to include in the Main Street exhibit "KCASH! an Exhibit Like No Other" With 125 List items, over 360 submissions, from 8 teams there were a lot of submissions to go through. There were many more entries than are featured here. It was a difficult process and we feel we picked images and videos that were representative of each team and the items were representative of the KCASH experience. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, it was truly a pleasure!!! Images and videos are listed chronologically. The complete list is available to the right! 

List item #2.  Photo - 150 points - TEAM ROLL CALL (option 2)!   It's picture day!  Show us a photo collage of EVERY TEAM MEMBER.   Give it a theme and somehow show the team members interacting with each other in their photo grid…

Item #6.     Photo or Video - 100 points - Create a slug amusement park with at least one working ride.  Make sure we see a slug (and maybe friends) enjoying your park, hopefully on your ride.  NO magnifying glasses, salt, ammonia, beer, or vinegar allowed.

Item #8.     Photo - 25 points - Build a house with natural materials (rocks, sticks, leaves, etc) and show us a picture of it with its inhabitant.  If its inhabitant had to run errands and is unavailable for photos, be sure to caption the photo and tell us who lives there.

Item #9.     Photo - 25 points - Go to a local beach, pick up a minimum of 5 pieces of trash (more if you see it!), create a piece of art (sculpture or picture, artist choice), take a picture, and then properly dispose of the trash.

Item #10.  Photo - 50 points - Show us a picture of you eating an UNMELTED pint of ice cream at the top of Deer Mountain.

Item #20.    Video - 75 points - "Compose" a bull kelp trumpet fanfare, bull kelp flute solo, or bull kelp trumpet and bull kelp flute duet and perform it at Bugges Beach (or other local beach).  Bonus points if you're twins.


Item #22.   Video - 50 points - Find or create your favorite disco costume and perform a lip sync of your favorite song from the Disco era.  OBVIOUSLY, choreography is required.  No worries: it doesn't HAVE to be good, but it DOES have to be on platform shoes.


Item # 25.  Photo - 75 points - Create a photo mosaic of local artist Dave Rubin, Borough Mayor Rodney Dial, Borough Manager Ruben Duran, or Rock Star Elvis Presley using only photos of slime mold.

Item #26.  Photo - 100 points - Recreate Dave Rubin's sculpture "The Rock”.

Item #32.  Photo - 75 points - Show us your favorite Ketchikan star.

Item #35.  Photo - 75 points - A LOT of rolls of toilet paper disappeared from the shelves over the past several months.   Show us a sculpture of the mythical creature that stole all the toilet paper (which is why everyone bought all the toilet paper, obviously) made completely out of empty toilet paper (and paper towel) rolls.  Glue and maybe paint are the only other materials allowed in your sculpture.  Your mythical creature can be a mythical creature the world has already heard of, or one never discovered before…like an ursapus (half bear, half-octopus).  But you can’t use that, because we just did.

Item #36.   Video - 50 points - We want to see the evolution of a slug.  Show us with your very own stop-motion film!

Item #37.   Video - 25 points - You've written the dissertation and now all you need to do in order to get your PhD in Berry-Dental Studies is defend your thesis.   Show us the video of you defending your dissertation conclusively proving why blueberries stain your teeth and raspberries don't. In 30 seconds or less, of course.

Item #38.  Photo - 25 points - A raindrop.

Item #42.  Video - 25 points - Show us you using thank you in Sm’algya̲x, Xaad kil, and Lingit, (you must use all three) in your every-day life.

Item #47.  Video - 50 points - Create your own obstacle course and put a blueberry through the paces!

Item #48.  Photo - 50 points - Recreate DaVinci's Mona Lisa, Munch's The Scream, Van Gogh's self-portrait, or any Ray Troll piece with ANYTHING but paint on canvas.

Item #53.  Photo - 25 points - Prove definitively that your smile can be seen while wearing a mask.

Item #54.  Photo - 75 points - In the Victorian era, they understood and respected the sanctity of facial hair and even designed mustache teacups to protect these important talismans.  Show us the device you have invented to protect the sacred facial hair.

Item #61.   Video - 75 points - Paddle around Pennock

Item #62.  Photo - 50 points - Change the name of a play or musical by one letter and create a poster for that newly named show with one new song.  Guys & Rolls featuring that classic song about sourdough, Adelaide’s Ferment, anyone?

Item #66.  Photo - 25 points - Join the Facebook group Ketchikan Random Acts of Art.  Paint a rock or create another original piece and hide it with a note with it telling the finder to post and tag the group once found

Item #68.  Video - 50 points - Practice or perform your instrument of choice in nature.

Item #69.  Photo - 25 points - Take a picture of or with your favorite “Captain Jack”

Item #71.  Video - 50 points - You’ve heard of The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, we want to hear The Grounding of the Rio Bravo - video

Item #72.  Video: 2 minutes or less - 75 points - Write and perform a rap about your favorite historical figure (aside from Alexander Hamilton, he's old news)

Item #74.  Photo - 75 points - We’re sure you’ve seen the squirrel picnic tables, but that is so passé.   Show us your Mos Eisley Cantina for hummingbirds. This video was not scored for the game it was shared because the team wanted someone to see its amazingness at work! You're Welcome!

Item #77.  Photo - 50 points - Show us your Black Sand(s?) sandcastle complete with turrets, flags, and drawbridges

Item #78.  Video - 75 points - Artists cover classic song favorites all the time.  We want to encourage you to stretch those musical artist muscles and re-do your favorite song, but entirely change the genre—the more extreme, the better!

The original rendition of "Low" by artist Flo Rida

Item #83.  Video - 50 points - "Burma Shave" your favorite poem or a message of kindness, and record how an unsuspecting driver would experience it!

Item #88.  Photo - 50 points - Show us the Rorschach test picture that PROVES you were meant to win KCASH

Item #89.  Video (Time-lapse) - 75 points - Create a Plein air piece with your eyes closed

Item #91.  Photo - 25 points - Show us your socially distanced human pyramid (ALL team members must participate)

Item #92.  Photo - 25 points - We’ll never believe who you saw in your Cheetos!  That’s why you took this picture!

Item #97.  Video - 75 points - Climb a Ketchikan mountain and show us your best Julie Andrews impression—whether the hills are alive, there's a lonely goatherd, or your climbing every mountain...LET'S SEE IT!

Item #99.  Video - 75 points - Explain how a purse sein works using items from your pantry

Item #100. Photo - 75 points - Using your artist skills or photoshop, alter a classic artwork, and show how it would be different in times of COVID

Item #102. Photo or Video - 15 points - Show us how to give a socially distanced hug

Item #105. Photo - 10 points - What's the shiniest thing in all of Ketchikan?

Item #106. Photo - 20 points - Using removable/washable sidewalk chalk, graffiti a section of sidewalk downtown with messages of kindness and beauty

Item #107. Photo - 20 points - Make or bake something in the kitchen with your grandparent and then share and enjoy it together!

Item #108.  Video - 15 points - Choose 3 slugs and have your own slug race!

Item #110. Photo - 5 points - Take a picture of the most beautiful button you've ever seen!

Item #111. Photo - 15 points - Using shaving cream and corn starch, make your own snow and then build a snowman!  Make sure you dress him properly and give them a name!

Item #113. Photo or Video - 10 points - Using a bar of Ivory Soap and microwave (and some adult supervision), make a soap monster sculpture!  (Adults: this ONLY works with Ivory brand bar soap!!)

Item #116.  Photo or Video - 20 points - Create the perfect parachute that will keep a raw egg safe when you drop it from at least 15 feet in the air.

Item #120. Photo - 7 points - Ice Cream for Breakfast.  YAS!!  You're welcome.

Item #121. Photo - 10 points - Paint a watercolor picture...using skittles!

Item #123. Photo or Video - 20 points - Dress up as a superhero and take over one of the chores in your house

Item #125. Photo or Video - 20 points - You know that one silly part of your house where you feel like you're being watched because everything has eyes—GOOGLY EYES to be precise?  Take a picture and show us!