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"Act III: Tides of Transition" - May 7th - June 4th

Fiber artists Ann Carlson, Sherry Henrickson, Jackie Keizer, and Deb Turnbull present individual and collaborative new works of fiber celebrating the sea, the forest, and their own artistic journeys with the wisdom and patina that comes with age. 

Below is a gallery of their collaborative installations and the individual work they created for the exhibit. Clicking on the image will provide a large picture that can be zoomed in to appreciate the fine detail of the fiber work. Thank you so much for visiting and submersing yourself in "Act III: Tides of Transition"

Louis Bartos' sailcloth, vintage doilies, coffee filters, crochet, fabric, tea bag paper, ribbon, lace, yarn, cheesecloth, packing material
not all hangings are represented. silk and cotton