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Information for Artists & Curators

The Main Street Gallery is a nonprofit, year-round gallery dedicated to showcasing artists from Ketchikan and the surrounding areas since 1988. The Main Street Gallery inhabits Ketchikan's historic Christian Science Church building and the beautiful open and well-lit sanctuary serves as one of Alaska's finest exhibit venues. The Main Street Gallery season runs from September through August, changing exhibits monthly and displays a wide variety of mediums in Solo, Group, Invitational, and Open Call exhibits from local and national artists, as well as traveling exhibits. Seven of these exhibits are available each season as an open call to both artists and curators who have a vision for an exhibit!! Proposals for exhibits at the Main Street Gallery are accepted in March annually.


  • Applications for the Main Street Gallery season's exhibit are available NOW!
  • The KAAHC offers the open call to all interested artists and curators annually, the 2022-2023 proposals are due March 1st, 2022!
  • The KAAHC's Program Development Committee (PDC) chooses a secret Selection Panel (SP) of esteemed community members which will include artists, gallery owners, art appreciators, historians, and culture bearers.
  • The Selection Panel reviews all exhibit proposals and makes recommendations for the season to the Program Development Committee.
  • The Program Development Committee places artists into the season and makes recommendations to the KAAHC Board of Directors for the upcoming season. 
  • KAAHC Board of Directors approves the season as presented or makes recommendations for revisions.
  • Feedback is provided to all who apply. 
  • The Main Street Gallery Season is announced in  May!! 

Relevant programming, encouraging conversation and growth, and providing a location for emerging artists to practice, seasoned artists to experiment, and the community to explore the humanities!

  • Providing exhibit opportunities to both experience the arts and explore the humanities;
  • Exposing the Ketchikan area community to a broad variety of expressive art forms;
  • Encouraging local participation and appreciation of the arts and humanities.
  • Increasing visibility for artists, thinkers, and a forum for social change; 
  • Nurturing community artist development; and
  • Providing an encouraging environment for innovative art forms.