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Calling All Storytellers

Friday, September 30, 2022
The Mill at Ward Cove

"Let me tell you a story…” And we all lean in to hear! We are seeking storytellers to share their Alaskan stories this summer at the Mill at Ward Cove. Maybe your family has always been here and has been connected to this place for generations, or maybe you had an exciting wilderness episode and only just survived! Or maybe, the beauty and majesty of the Greatland inspired you to take on the mantle of an adventurous life... or maybe you moved here from some distant city only to shed it like a skin and embrace this wet and wild and beautiful little rock in the middle of this glorious coastal rainforest… No matter what your Alaskan stories are, we want to hear your stories and give you a place to share them with our visitors this season at the Mill at Ward Cove. Tis is an ongoing open invitation for story tellers through the end of September. Please contact for more information or to apply.