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Calling all Storytellers for "HOME" a Stories at Latitude *56 Event

Saturday, July 18, 2020
9:00 am5:00 pm
Main Street Gallery

The Deadline has been suspended!!! Calling all Storytellers!!! This is a call for storytellers to come Home! For the 2020 Stories@Latitude 56*, Story Slam. Host Jack Finnegan is seeking ten individuals to tell a five-minute story about why Ketchikan is, or how Ketchikan became Home. These prepared stories will be presented at a future date. Participants may attend one or both of two workshops dates TBA at the Main Street Gallery. There is no cost to participate.

These workshops are designed to help participants develop, refine, or discover their own best methods for telling their own (true) tales. It is intended that these stories will be told extemporaneously, and neither read nor recited: this is a call for oral storytelling. The deadline has been suspended. If you are interested in telling stories of "Home" please contact Jack Finnegan via e-mail.