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Board of Directors

Michelle O'Brien

I have had a 27-year career in media including producing and hosting nationally award-winning television and winning six Goldie awards for radio in Alaska. Currently I am the General Manager of Alaska Broadcast Communications, with three stations, in Ketchikan, Alaska. 

My passion about the arts is an understatement! I have greatly enjoyed participating in many of our great local arts’ events--like Blueberry Arts Festival, and our Winter Arts Faire, as well as several theatrical events. Having lived in many places throughout the world before landing in Ketchikan, I believe we have one of the most vibrant arts cultures that I have ever seen. Truly, art is an integral part of our community and our future.  

Art is everywhere, and while I may not be a traditional artist, my “art” is that of being a proponent of our local artists through my media expertise...  Sharing our messages, our art, and encouraging our community to grow as artists.  

Lastly, I am very passionate about our young people, having served on our Board of Education for 7 years. I encouraged my own daughter to submit a piece to the Youth Art exhibit a few years ago. I was thrilled that she did so, and as a result she continues her own drawing endeavors. This is how we grow art.

In my mind, we should all grow art together.  As a community.