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Board of Directors

Nancy Tietje, Secretary

Participation in the arts is an everyday experience for me and I believe it is for most of our residents …they just don’t realize it yet. Living in Ketchikan has afforded me the chance to expand my art skills and pass them on to many. By day, I am an insurance agent at Davies-Barry Insurance. The rest of the time, I enjoy volunteering among a lot of other things. My art is found in beading. I love those little pieces of glass that have glorious colors, have a wonderful tactile sensation, and can be constructed into little creations.

As a pretty well seasoned non-profit board member, I try to give back to my community in areas where I can help make life a little better for someone else. KAAHC is a perfect fit for me. My stance on the arts is that this community is rich with a wide variety of excellent art venues. Look around and you see, hear and feel it everywhere. As a community we should be proud and do what we can to promote everything that the arts can do for us. Sharing and incorporating art experiences in economic development and daily lives should be a top priority of us all.